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God Help Us

Sep 20, 2018

The Bible's relevance to US politics is too often as a tool of domination and torture. We saw this earlier this year when Attorney General Jeff Sessions quoted Romans 13 in an a misguided attempt to justify family separation at the border. 

On this episode of God Help Us, I sit down with Dr. Angela Parker, womanist new testament scholar, to discuss colonization, a problematic white Jesus, and what it means to be a prophet for the revolution.

If your interest is piqued, Dr. Parker recommends the following resources to learn more: Racializing Jesus, by Shawn Kelley; Postcolonial Feminist Interpretations of the Bible, by Musa Dube; podcasts she has recorded with Dan Allender such as this one on power and hierarchy in biblical Corinth; and "Can't Stop the Feelings: Anger and Identity in Mark 6:17-29," an article she published in The Other Journal. 

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