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God Help Us

Sep 5, 2019

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When I say crisis in the Catholic church, surely one major issue comes to mind. Rick Gaillardetz is a Catholic theologian who treats the sexual abuse perpetrated by priests as a symptom of more fundamental issues in the church, so I asked him to join me to talk about what needs to be done to get to the root of the problem.

He identifies three deeper crises: clerical culture, authority, and gender and sexuality and advocates for reforms that address the root issues to prevent more violent and tragic symptoms from continuing to emerge. We also discuss the politics of demonization and the importance of disagreeing well.

Rick is a Catholic lay theologian and a professor at Boston College who studies and teaches on the Catholic church. A husband and father of four, Rick has his PhD in theology and is a prolific author.


Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

Clericalism: the Death of Priesthood

"To Serve the People of God"



I’m Annie Mesaros: a theologian, writer, spiritual guide, and host of this podcast. I offer coaching and facilitation for individuals and groups that are working to transform the world for good. 

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