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God Help Us

Sep 19, 2019

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The Old Testament is a complicated, weird, beautiful, and at times infuriating collection of texts. In this episode, I talk with the Reverend Dr. J. P. Kang about the Old Testament and try to unpack what it is and what it isn’t - and how we see it used culturally and politically in the US today.

J. P. is an Associate Pastor at Japanese Presbyterian Church of Seattle and an Affiliate member of the Theology Faculty at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, where he teaches biblical languages and literature. 


The Grammar of God

The Hebrew Bible

Holy Resilience

The Genesis of Good and Evil

“The Bible’s #MeToo Problem”

“Sexy Sunday School: Naughty Bible Translation”

Bruce Metzger's New York Times obituary



I’m Annie Mesaros: a theologian, writer, spiritual guide, and host of this podcast. I offer coaching and facilitation for individuals and groups that are working to transform the world for good. 

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